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Orientation Services For Smooth Relocation

Search homes, find schools, ease visa and immigration issues...

From searching for homes, finding the right school for your children, to managing your expenses in your new city, we have nine programs detailed below, to ease your shifting tensions.

These services are specially designed to minimize your disruption when you relocate your home.

As a result, you get to focus on things which are more important to you. We shall take care of your headaches in your new city.

After all, we want you and your family to adjust to your new home quickly and without fuss.

With 70 years of moving expertise behind us, 360 partners in 190 locations worldwide, and 500,000 customers moved successfully, you can trust Writer Relocations, India's most trusted packers and movers, to move you absolutely stress-free.

For you relocating from one country to another is more than just packing and moving your household articles - it is the beginning of a new life at a new address.

Your Next Steps

Join our Expat Club for Networking with fellow expats. You may want to check out the Case Studies on Orientation Services, along with the FAQs, and Moving Tools & Tips that we have put together for you.

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  • Simplify your Visa & Immigration.

    Remove the complexity from your Visa & Immigration process.

    When you move out of the country, it pays to know the laws and regulations of your destination country. With 63 years of relocation knowledge and expertise behind us, Writer Relocation makes immigration rules more understandable for you.

    Weʼre happy to guide you, your employees, and your family, through this seemingly confusing process. The result is that you get to move faster, as well as comply with the rules, with minimum hassles.

    Rest assured that Writer Relocations will handle your complex challenges in visa and immigration:

    • Processing entry visas
    • Documentation for work and residence permits
    • Visa renewals
    • Exit permits
    • Legal and translation work, and
    • Completion and submission of layers of Immigration formalities

    Do request a Free Moving Quote from Writer Relocations for Orientation Services.

  • Settle in a new country without stress.

    Seamless home search for you in your new city.

    Our experienced team of local advisors will search and spot the housing you need. Plus, they will happily take on the negotiations and paperwork on your behalf.

    The Writer Relocations' Home Search service is designed to get you settled in your new country with the minimum of hassles. Different countries offer you different types of accommodation. The problem is always to find one that fits your needs, lifestyle, and of course, housing allowance.

    Trust Writer Relocations to objectively explain to you:

    • The different types of residential areas
    • The community facilities available to you to network and get support from
    • The safety and entertainment options available to you

    Do request a Free Moving Quote from Writer Relocations for Orientation Services.

  • Manage your tenancy issues with ease.

    Letʼs shoulder your administrative burdens in a new country.

    Imagine that youʼre at your new assignment, in a new country. Youʼre still coming to terms with a whole bunch of challenges - a different culture, a new routine, new friends in the making, new neighbors, settling in, sorting out expenses, and more.

    While you are still coming to terms with all this, would you want to be frequently pestered by suppliers, tradesmen, landlords, estate agents, and the like?

    Would your HR step in to help you with all this? They have their hands full with other priorities, donʼt they?

    Wouldnʼt you like to focus more on your work and wish somebody else handle this burden of administration for you?

    Well, you can let Writer Relocations handle your Tenancy Management when shifting your house and breathe easy.

    As part of this tenancy program, Writer Relocations will happily handle the following for you, so that you focus on your job:

    • Negotiate your lease agreement
    • Arrange for the deposits
    • Manage your utility connections
    • Pay your utility bills
    • Check in and check out your inventory
    • Control dilapidation of the property
    • Notify you on lease renewals
    • Get your security deposit back

    Writer Relocations' Tenancy Management Programme is designed to ease your administrative burdens and help you focus more on the things that matter to you.

    Do request a Free Moving Quote from Writer Relocations for Orientation Services.

  • Simplify your school search.

    How do you turn your childʼs experience at a new school, in a new city, into joy?

    With 360 partners in 190 countries, Writer Relocations has the information and expertise to guide you on local schooling for your child in a new country.

    Our local partners will work closely with you, assess the needs of your child, and address your concerns. They will then use their local expertise to shortlist for you the best schools for your child.

    Once you make your choice, they will help you through the registration process and formalities for admission. The result is that Writer Relocations' School Search Service will save you time and help ensure that your childʼs experience is joyful and fulfilling.

    While you want the best for your child, moving to a new country, is scary. You are rightfully plagued with lots of questions.

    • What is the curriculum like?
    • How would they handle the special educational needs of your child?
    • What is the language of instruction in the new country?
    • What are the subjects they teach and would your child find this easy, or difficult to cope with?
    • Would a local school be a better fit, or would an international school be better?

    Get your answers to all these questions and more with Writer Relocations' School Search Service. Do request a Free Moving Quote from Writer Relocations for Orientation Services.

  • Train on the language and culture, in advance.

    Overcome language and cultural barriers. Seamlessly merge in.

    Imagine that youʼre in a new country. You donʼt know the language.

    You struggle with simple communications - asking for directions becomes a nightmare, ordering at a restaurant gets hopeless, hailing a cab gets tiresome, and buying stuff at the grocery becomes awkward.

    Now, imagine if you had a language orientation before you arrived at the new country. Imagine being trained by professionals who have a first-hand experience of your destination country.

    You get familiar with the common terms and phrases to get things done. You become aware of the cultural nuances. Your life would be so much more pleasant, right?

    Well, this is precisely what we do in our Language and Culture Training classes for you, at Writer Relocations.

    Our professionals will acclimatize you and your family with the mores and customs of the new country. They will train you on the common words and phrases used.

    The Language & Culture Training Service by Writer Relocations will help you integrate faster into a new culture and language. No more struggles.

    Do request a Free Moving Quote from Writer Relocations for Orientation Services.

  • How to move dauntlessly into a new country.

    Settling in Services.

    Moving to a new country can be intimidating for you. Simple things which you took for granted back home, can suddenly turn out to be nightmares.

    How do you sort out banking issues? Organize the utilities? Buy a car? Attend to an illness? Get to a hospital? Procure a vehicle and driving license? Arrange for furniture rentals? Locate amenities locally? The list goes on...

    How do you deal with formalities and the attendant paperwork associated with all these issues?

    How do you manage the stress that accompanies each of these issues? How do you slash the time required to be spent on seemingly mundane activities?

    Writer Relocations' Settling In Service comes to your rescue. With 360 partners in 190 countries globally, our professionals and local agents will take care of all these settling-in issues for you, and help you ease into your new way of life.

    That simply means fewer hassles, more focus on your work, and a seamless integration into the new way of life in your new city. Rest assured with Writer Relocations.

    Do request a Free Moving Quote from Writer Relocations for Orientation Services.

  • Orient yourself before you move.

    Learn everything about the neighborhood youʼre moving into.

    Letʼs face it. Your international move can be stressful, even if you have done it many times before. Which is why you need the help of Writer Relocations to help you ease your worries. Our custom-designed, pre-move orientation program exposes you and your family to what you can expect when you move abroad.

    This prepares you to deal with life more comfortably at your destination rather than it being a bagful of strange and unwelcome surprises. We start with an assessment of what you need to know and then create a curriculum which covers all the topics thoroughly.

    Things you may need to know:

    • Types of temporary and permanent accommodation available to you
    • School and college admissions for children, the requirements, fees, and study opportunities
    • Public and private transport facilities
    • Employment opportunities for your spouse
    • Rules and regulations
    • Networking opportunities including recreation, social clubs, and leisure opportunities
    • Healthcare and medical facilities
    • Options for furniture buying, leasing
    • Recreation, including social clubs and associations and leisure activity
    • How and where to buy food and personal products, resources, availability, and prices
    • Checklist of pre-move countdown activities
    • Documents required
    • Customs requirements and import duties
    • Suggestions on what to bring, what to leave behind, and items that are difficult to find, or not available in the destination country.

    With Writer Relocation's pre-move services, you and your family will be able to tackle your relocation abroad with confidence. That just means fewer surprises and faster integration into a new way of life.

    Do request a Free Moving Quote from Writer Relocations for Orientation Services.

  • Return home, without fuss.

    Repatriation program to your home country.

    Just as you planned your overseas move once, you need to plan for your move back home. While youʼre happy to return to family, friends, and neighborhoods that you are familiar with, you still need to take care of a lot of things.

    Readjusting to your former way of life might be unsettling and can result in illness. If youʼre prepared, you can reduce the worry considerably.

    The same issues that plague you when you moved abroad will now haunt you. Stress can occur because of issues such as:

    • which service do you move with
    • how do you ship your vehicles and pets
    • where do you send your children to school
    • where do you live once you reach your home country
    • how and where do you find work
    • how do your register and pay taxes
    • what things have changed since your move and what is current cost of living
    • how do you arrange for finances and funding

    Writer Relocations, in its 63 years of service, has helped 5 million folks like you return home without stress.

    We shall handle the moving of household goods, take care of your lease closure, manage the refund of security deposits, keep track your expenses, arrange for exit permits, and advise you on living conditions and changes back home, based on what you need us to do for you.

    Trust Writer Relocations to make your repatriation home, easier and more rewarding for you.

    Do request a Free Moving Quote from Writer Relocations for Orientation Services.

  • Administer expenses without ado.

    How to handle tax and returns when youʼre on assignment abroad.

    When youʼre working on assignments abroad, handling tax implications and legitimate expenses could get a bit tricky.

    This is why it makes so much sense to have the experts at Writer Relocations manage your expense administration for you. For example how do you disburse funds for housing, schooling, car rentals, and realtors?

    How do you track and audit the invoices raised on you? How do you ensure that taxes are filed on time?

    How do you report all these expenses on time?

    How do you ensure that these comply with your companyʼs stated policies?

    Writer Relocation's expert expense managers will work closely with you to develop a process thatʼs compliant with accounting practices, your company policies, and make it easy for you to report expenses.

    Covered for you are:

    • Expense reports and reimbursement
    • Payment and tracking of relocation
    • Expense coding for tax and payroll purposes
    • Total cost reporting
    • End-of-year tax reporting

    The upshot of the expense administration programme for you are:

    • You get quickly reimbursed for your expenses
    • You manage the payments effectively and reduce the assignment costs
    • Your expenses comply with company policies and audit requirements
    • Any exceptions to the rules are flagged and reported easily
    • You ease the burden on your HR and Finance

    Writer Relocation's Expense Management Programme helps you focus on your life and work abroad by removing the irritants for you.

    Do request a Free Moving Quote from Writer Relocations for Orientation Services.

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