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Moving Tips

Here are 10 Moving Tips to ensure that you do not lose any items, or your hair, during your relocation.

Relocating to another city or country is a tedious task. Let Writer Relocations make this transition as smooth as possible for you.

Get world-class relocation services that include packing and moving within India, international removals, orientation services, fine-art relocations, hospitality, office, and commercial moving services. Benefit from expert guidance before, during, and after the move. Take advantage of pre-move planning as well as help to settle into the new home, post the move.

Plan your move

Once you know where you have to shift and when it’s time to plan. However early it may seem, you can certainly do a few small tasks related to the relocation.

The first thing you must do is de-clutter. Organize your household or office items. Understand that you cannot take everything with you. Strengthen your heart and start sorting stuff out.

Do not take things that are broken. If some things are really old, you might have to buy new stuff soon anyway. The cost of your shipment will be based on weight, so do leave the non-essentials out.

Decluttering makes it easier for you to move

It is better to declutter as early as possible. You will be doing a lot of inventory check during the relocation period. And this process will get easier every time if you have done the previous de-cluttering effectively.

Now, make a list of all the stuff that needs to be moved. This will come in handy when you have to explain your requirement to the moving company.

Do a little research online and see what kind of services you might need during the move. Or better yet, call Writer Relocations and we will help you with your move.

Call in the moving professionals.

Once you have done all your homework, it is time to call the moving experts. Call our toll-free number or fix an appointment online. Once we have your request, our representative will contact you to fix the time of the appointment according to your convenience.

Now, we will prepare for everything from our end. Our moving experts will visit your home, office, or restaurant, and survey all the items that need to be moved.

We will explain to you how the moving process works in detail, especially if this is the first time you are moving. We will explain to you in detail all the services we offer and how these will benefit you.

Get expert guidance every step of the way.

We will be there with you on every step of the way, from packing to moving, to unpacking. You can ask us anything about the relocation that might be in your mind. With over 5 miliion successful moves in 63 years, you can’t get better wisdom on relocations.

At the time of the house visit, our Move Advisor will inspect and make notes of at all the items that need to be shipped. This is when the list you have already prepared will come in handy. Make sure that all the items you had on your list are included in ours.

After analyzing all the information collected during the house visit, our move expert will send you an estimate. Once you finalize the estimate, you will receive a contract. Read the terms and conditions in the contract very carefully. Call us to clarify anything you need to.

It is very important that you and the moving company both are clear of what is included, and what isn’t, in the contract. With Writer Relocations, this problem does not arise as we include everything, from packing, transport, unpacking, and even installation in our relocations package. We also provide pre-move orientation services, which help you prepare for the transition. We also provide post-move help to all our customers who opt for the same.

Pack well for hassle-free relocation.

Packing is the most important stage in the relocation process. If you pack everything perfectly, the next stages of the home or commercial shifting process will follow smoothly.

Pack the things that you would need immediately in your home, or office, first. Now keep these boxes separately and make sure that they are put in the vehicle last so that these are the first boxes to be unloaded.

When you are packing your things, ensure that you put the heavier items in the bottom of the boxes and put lighter ones on the top. Also, do not leave any space in the boxes empty so that the items in the boxes do not move while being transported. You can fill these empty spaces with towels, clothes, newspaper or wrapping paper.

Do not put stuff from different rooms in the same box. This will make the unpacking process very complicated and time-consuming. Also, once you have packed the boxes, make sure that you label them correctly. Do not only label the boxes with the room names but also make sure to mention the contents.

Take care of fragile items.

When packing glass items or other delicate items, remember to wrap them in bubble wrap and securely tape the wrap. Also, when you are done packing this box, put a fragile sticker on it. Ensure that you tape all the boxes properly.

When packing dishes, make sure that you wrap each dish, with paper, separately and then you wrap them again in groups of 5 or 6. Remember to always store dishes vertically and not flat on the ground. Also, put proper padding, with paper, above and below the plates.

There are certain items that cannot be shipped, domestically or internationally, along with your other household or office items. These include flammable items like gas canisters, aerosol cans, firearms and other destructive materials like wood, brick, cement, etc. Perishable items, food, odorous items and other articles that may damage its surrounding items should not be shipped.

If you want to save yourself from all the above trouble, you can avail Writer Relocations’ packing services. All you need to do is pack your personal belongings, like clothes, jewelry etc. and we will take care of the rest. Our packing experts know how to safely pack and crate different

You might get the help you need.

Informing friends and family is also an important task and doing this in advance is very essential.

You should spend some time with them before you get busy with the relocation process. You should give them time in case there are some things they wish to do for you before you move to another city or country.

Informing them early also means that you will get more helping hands. They can help you throughout the moving process. They can help you do all the things like de-cluttering your home, selling stuff that you don’t need, etc.

Spend time with important people.

If you have children, let them spend time with all the important people in their life. If they are leaving grandparents behind, it is important that they spend a few days with them. You can also use this time to relax a bit with your friends or spend some time with your parents too. You can also use this time to finish packing their rooms up.

When packing for children, make sure to pack their favorite toys and clothes separately. This ensures that they carry this with them on the flight or in the car. When traveling with children, especially when you are shifting, always keep enough things handy to keep them busy for a few days, until their room is unpacked.

Time your disconnections for after your move.

When you are moving, make sure that you disconnect your internet and telephone connections in advance. You can talk to the utility companies, and ensure that these will be disconnected only after you have moved. This ensures that you can use these services until the time you are in your current home or office. This is absolutely essential when dealing with office moves.

If you are moving your office or restaurant, talk to the internet and telephone providers in advance and make sure that they can set up these services in your new location on the same day so that you don’t lose too many business hours.

You should also talk to your moving company about moving the office on a weekend for the same reason. Writer Relocations understands the importance of downtime in business. We have simplified the office moving process to make sure that you can resume your office work with minimum wastage of business hours.

Pay all your bills.

If you are moving out of the country, ensure that all your bills are paid in full before you leave. It will be very difficult for you to coordinate with people once you are in a different country. Also, if you are living in a rented apartment, make sure to get your deposit back before you leave.<
While you are at it, make sure you also make some arrangements for your new home in advance.

Order beds or mattresses and ensure that they deliver it the day you move in. Many homes do not come equipped with lights and fans. So when you finalize your home, make sure that it has lights and fans. If not then make arrangements to fit these as well.

Sort your children’s school matters, upfront.

Inform your children’s school at least one month in advance about the house shift. This will give them to time to prepare for all the relieving formalities. You will be required to clear the dues if any. You will receive all the relieving documents only after you do that.

If you are relocating in the middle of a school year, try to look for schools in the new city, or country, even before you move. Many schools allow you to complete the admission procedure online. You can communicate with the school you choose and accordingly have all the required documents ready.

Ensure continuity in education.

Planning early about school will ensure that your children will not miss too much school and their education will not be hampered. This will also give your children a chance to do some research about their new school and be prepared for what awaits them in their new home. Writer Relocations can help you find the best school for your children, in the destination city, according to your educational preference. Check out our Orientation Services.

If you are working, remember to collect all documents from your employer as well. It will be difficult to arrange these documents over emails once you are in a new location. These documents are very important in case you plan to work after shifting to a new city or country. Even if you don’t plan to work right away, it is always better to have all the documents with you because you will never know when you might change your plans.

Familiarize with your new place before you shift.

You have to familiarize yourself with your new home as much as you can, especially if you are moving to another country. It is important that you know everything beforehand so that you don’t have to face any surprises.

A change of country can at times be a cultural shock for many of us. This will not happen if you have already done your research.

First and foremost, if the country that you are moving to is not an English-speaking country, you need to get familiar with the language. Learn a few basic phrases that will help you communicate with the locals, in case they do not know English. You should also read about the culture of the country that you are moving to.

Search locally for the things you need.

Once you know where you are going to stay, search the area for grocery stores, electronic stores, pharmacies, and other important stores close to your home. You may also want to search for rated restaurants near your home that deliver food home because you might not be able to cook right away. Look for Indian stores and Indian restaurants too.
Connect with your friends or relatives who are living in the country that you are moving to. They can tell you more about the lifestyle of the place. They will also be able to tell you what you need to bring along with you and what items you can buy once you are in your new home.

Writer Relocations provides pre-move orientation services that prepare you for the country that you will be traveling to. We will give you all the information that you would need when you live in this new country. We will give you all the relevant information about the climate, the culture, the currency and more. We will also teach you how to get around the city and interact with the locals.

Settle in comfortably.

Now that you are in your new home, let the feeling sink in. Enjoy an amazing meal with your family sitting on mattresses and using boxes as tables. Have a good night’s sleep and wake up in the morning determined to work.

Apart from unpacking, you have to do a few other tasks, which are probably more important. First and foremost, rent a car with your international drivers’ license, if you haven’t already rented one from the airport. The car will make it really easy for you to run errands.

Open your bank account.

Next, open a bank account. You will need to transact in the local currency and this will also help you get an internet connection and mobile numbers for you and your family.
Find a school for your children, if you haven’t already done it, and finish their admission formalities. This way they will not miss out on their studies. It will also be easier for you to unpack the boxes and organize the home if your children are not home.

Writer Relocations provides the best settling-in services. We will help you find the perfect school for your children based on your educational requirements and provide assistance throughout the admission process.

We will also help you and your family get accustomed to the new location with the help of our qualified local experts. Remember that we have a network of 360 associates in 190 countries in the world waiting to help you. These associates provide personalized assistance for fundamental services such as the opening of bank accounts, applying for ID cards, shopping for grocery, and other basic requirements.

Pace your unpacking over time.

Remember that you don’t have to unpack everything in one day or even a week. Take your time to settle into your new home. There are many other urgent tasks you will have to take care of.

First and foremost, unpack the most important things. Remember, the boxes that you had packed at the very beginning and kept aside? This is the important stuff and so you might want to unpack these boxes right away.

Next, you unpack your children’s things. They are the most impatient and unpacking the rest of the house will be easier if you set up their rooms first. Take your time and neatly organize their rooms before you move on to the next room. You will not feel like coming back to a half set-up room time and again.

After the kids are settled in their rooms, the kitchen should be next on your priority list. Unpacking the kitchen all at once can be a tedious task, so for now, you can just unpack the most frequently used items and all the utensils that you will need for cooking. Sooner or later, everyone will start craving for a home-cooked meal.

Unpack the bathroom and bedroom essentials.

Now, it is time to unpack the bathroom essentials. This will be your most favorite room when setting up a home because it takes the least amount of time.
The bedroom is the next room that will be unpacked. Unpack your clothes first and arrange them neatly in your closets. Then move on to the décor, bed arrangement, and curtains.

The living room is the last room you should unpack unless you are expecting guests over. In that case, you can move the bedroom to the end of this list. Once all the furniture is in place, decorate your living room.

Once all the boxes are empty, it’s time to go shopping to fill in the empty spaces in your home and to fill the kitchen with some groceries.

Writer Relocations provides professional unpacking services. We will unload and unpack your items and place them in the designated spaces as informed by you. We will place your furniture properly and even assemble your beds for you. Ask for this service when you relocate.

Spend quality time with friends and family.

Do not forget to spend quality time with your friends and family and bid goodbye to them. A good support system is what you will miss the most when you move.

Do not forget to discuss your requirement in detail with the Move Consultants at Writer Relocations. Once the move contract is ready, read the terms and conditions carefully.

Do not forget to label boxes clearly and correctly. Label the boxes with room names as well as mention what items are inside it. Also, if there are some fragile items in any box, do not forget to label it accordingly.

Do not forget to wrap fragile items in bubble wrap or wrapping paper.

Do not forget to take back things that you have lent to people and return stuff that you had borrowed from them.

Happy moving.

Disconnect your utilities.

Do not forget to discontinue utility services, internet connection, landline, and cell phone connections. Ensure that all bills are paid in full before you move out of your current home. Do not forget to do thorough research of your new destination. Search the area around your new home for grocery stores, electronic stores, pharmacies, and other important stores. Find some rated restaurants around your home that deliver food home. It is possible that you may not be able to cook right away. Also look for Indian stores and Indian restaurants in your neighborhood.

Do not forget to collect all the required documents from your children’s school and your workplace.

Do not forget to confirm your travel bookings a week in advance.

Happy moving once you’re done with all this.

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