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Utility Payments

When employees of your company are assigned to move, we at Writer Relocations are committed to ensure they face no inconveniences in whichever part of the world they are relocated to.

It is true that they have to stay away from the comforts of their own country and so they are harried to a certain extent. That is quite normal because the newness of a certain place can be very harrowing.

Helping you to get in track

When we are living in one place, we get used to the way things function. There is a rhythm to the way we carry out our life’s processes. When we relocate to a new place, the first few months are disturbing, because we lose track of our old rhythm. There is a new way of life, new things to consider and new priorities to be looked into. Slowly, we create a new rhythm and then things fall in place.

We understand this transition and so when you are already troubled and trying your best to adjust to the new environs, we keep a track of all the payments and bills on your behalf, which we deem as an important element of our utility management services. We feel as it is you are dealing with a lot, so it is just fair if we take up this task off your shoulder and try to make life a little more comfortable for you.

The key elements of the services that we provide include:

  • handling all the payment related bills
  • offering expert advice on provider options
  • registering with local telecommunications and utility companies
  • reporting to the HR on payment details
  • sending out invoices to the clients with details of the payment copies

We promise to take all your worries on us so that you do not face any kind of inconvenience in the country you are trying to make your new home. As your relocation partners, this is our promise and we assure you never to go back on it.

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