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Expense Management

Each and every company has a budget that is being allocated to the HR team to handle the finances related to relocation of the employees to various locations globally.

Understanding the disbursement flow

Now the HR team needs to keep a track of all assignment and relocation expenses of the assignees.

It is certainly not an easy job to handle because of the extensive nature of the task at hand. There might be a certain number of employees relocated to various places across the globe and for varied tenures. Calculating the entire expenditure related to the entire relocation and settling in procedure is not only cumbersome and taxing, but extremely time consuming as well.

And, when it comes to handling the finances of the company, one needs to be extra cautious, because there are too many considerations to be looked into. Providing an accurate tax reporting account is critical when it comes to handling any global relocation programme.

This is where we figure in with our relocation expense management services, as your worthy partners.

Giving you the control

Writer Relocations’ team of expense management professionals provide you with the complete control to handle relocation finances.

Our steadfast team co-ordinates with you to ensure that all detailed expenditures rolled out adhere to the policies of your company and in line with the budgets that had been previously set up. Our expense managers will assist you and the transferees every step of the way, to make sure all the bills and expense details are doubly verified and paid.

Showing the right path

It might happen that you forget to allocate a certain amount of money for some relocation programme, it might happen that in a particular matter, a negotiation process could have been carried out, but you failed to go ahead with it because you have been caught up with other responsibilities.

It is quite a normal thing to have such considerations, and the busy schedules of the HR processes might often prevent you from doing so. That is why we help you with your job and make sure the task at hand goes as smooth as ever.

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