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Give your professional and entrepreneurial dreams a fillip by relocating to India

Singapore has always been a go-to destination for Indians looking for better employment opportunities and a high standard of living. The plethora of MNCs that have set up shop in Singapore has attracted the educated and qualified youth of India. In recent times, though, there has been an influx of Indian expats living in Singapore back to their motherland. India’s economy has grown by leaps and bounds in the last decade or so. The new government has given special attention to improving the entrepreneurial environment in the country. Red tapism has reduced and projects are approved by the government quicker than ever before. India has risen up to the 77th rank in the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business index in the year 2018, up from a lowly 142nd rank in 2014. This development has coaxed a number of Indian expats as well as Singapore nationals to consider the idea of relocating to India. For some Indian expats, the lure of moving back to their country at a time when it is making rapid strides in almost every professional and economic sphere in the world is enough to convince them to contact the best international movers and packers in Singapore. For others, it is the promise of a favourable and encouraging environment for new businesses, and the vast difference between Singapore and India with regards to the costs of setting up a new business, that have together made the idea of relocating to India from Singapore a much more lucrative one. The same could be said about Singapore nationals who want to start their own business. The government has literally rolled out the red carpet for foreign investors. Besides, India’s booming economy and the rapidly rising standard of living in the urban areas promise an audience and a market for almost every business. If you want to relocate to a new country for the betterment of your business or professional career, then India is the place to be! And the best time for moving to India is now!

While we discuss the merits of relocating to India from Singapore, there has also been plenty of interest from Indian citizens for moving to Singapore from India. Singapore, as discussed before, has always been a centre of attraction for anyone looking for a strong head start to their professional career. And if you have specialised in a unique skill set, Singapore has plenty of opportunities for you. Besides this, Singapore houses some of the best educational institutes in the world. For these 2 main reasons, a lot of Indian youngsters move from India to Singapore every year.

Move to India seamlessly with Writer Relocations’ international relocation services in Singapore

If you have indeed made up your mind about moving to India from Singapore, then you must also have started looking for packers and movers Singapore to India. While you are at it, you must have realised that International relocations are vastly different from domestic relocations. The processes involved are a lot more complex in an international relocation. Obtaining visas, procuring customs clearance certificate for your belongings, choosing the most time-efficient and cost-effective mode of transportation, all of these tasks take time. And these are just a few of the many complex procedures that you would have to deal with. It is thus imperative that you choose a service provider that doesn’t stop at shipping household goods from Singapore to India but acts as your relocation partner. And that is exactly what we do at Writer Relocations. We believe that our responsibilities towards our clients are not limited to ferrying their goods from one place to another. We believe that an ideal move partner should provide the client with expert assistance at every step of the relocation process. In line with that thought, we have strived to achieve excellence in the following processes that are directly or indirectly related to an international relocation:

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Comprehensive packing and moving services

As your relocation partner, our job doesn’t end with providing packing and moving services to you but it certainly starts there. Providing a bunch of international relocation services Singapore would be a futile exercise if we do not master the core service, which is why we have invested time and money in devising the most fool-proof packing and moving techniques for our clients. Delivering your goods in the same condition as they were handed over to us is our top priority and all our processes are designed in alignment with that.

Managing visa and immigration procedures

To say that visa and immigration procedures are time-consuming processes would be an understatement, particularly if you are unaware about the visa and immigration laws of the country you want to move to. Writer Relocations offers immediate expert assistance for all visa and immigration matters across the globe. No matter which country you want to visit, and the purpose of your visit, we will handle all the procedures for you and get you the required visa at the earliest.

Obtaining customs clearance

Just like visa and immigration, obtaining customs clearance could also be a tricky and time-consuming process. If you are relocating your business, then this procedure could take even longer to be completed due to the sheer volume of goods that are to be transported. However, having successfully planned and executed home and office relocations all over the world for more than 75 years, we know how to expedite the process and execute it without any delays.

Affiliated services

As we said before, Writer Relocations believes in being more than just your movers and packers Singapore to India. We offer a wide spectrum of affiliated services such as secure storage facilities and professional vehicle shipping services among others. You can hold your goods in our safe storage facilities in any part of the world and for any period of time. Your vehicles, too, would be safely shipped to your destination at express pace and in perfect shape.


Special programmes to help you settle in

Moving into a new country, a new environment, and a new culture is always difficult. As your packers and movers from Singapore to India, we believe that it is our responsibility to help you settle in at your new home. We have hence chalked out various programmes that would help you make the transition seamlessly. We have curated a special home and school search programme to help you find the perfect residence for your family and the ideal school for your kids. We have also designed a language and cultural training programme to help you understand the culture and lifestyle of the place you are moving to.

Consulting and assignment

An international corporate relocation does not end with mere transportation of goods from one country to another, for it is not just the business that moves, the employees move along with the business as well. And just like you would need to adjust your business procedures in accordance with the norms of the new country, your employees would also need to adjust their lifestyle. To help your employees do this as easily as possible, we offer professional consulting and assignment services. We would help them find the perfect house for themselves and their family, manage all their payments, sort out all their utilities, and get them acquainted with the unfamiliar environment they would find themselves in.

Managing a corporate relocation

Apart from delivering professional home moving services for international relocations, we also offer the highest quality of corporate relocation services. We have handled more than 3000 corporate relocations thus far, including those of some Fortune 500 companies. Our years of expertise in our industry has enabled us to understand just what needs to be done to carry out a corporate relocation smoothly and efficiently and we use that experience and expertise with aplomb.

Client Testimonials
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“Writer Relocations' service was exceptional from the beginning. We started communicating for the clearance of goods in Mumbai. very timely communication and showed up right when they said they would, and worked hard, never slowing down. Writer Relocations came on time and did their job. They were fast, friendly, and very careful with our items while unpacking the stuff. I give my thanks to Writer Relocations for their wonderful support and timely operations. Thanks for everything and I wish good luck for Writer Relocations' future...I will definitely use them next time I move. I would rate the overall experience with Writer Relocations as a 4.6 out of 5 based on the service that they have provided to me for clearing the material in India. All in all, a great experience.”

Ramdas Chandani, Moved from USA to Mumbai.

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