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Why are Indian expats moving to India from Canada?

Canada has traditionally been a hot spot for Indian expats. People from all over the country have moved to Canada at different times in their quest to find better paying jobs, better education, and a better lifestyle. The Punjabi community, in particular, has relocated to Canada in large numbers and has taken to the country like fish to water. Canada has a huge Sikh/Punjabi population. The magnitude of their presence in the country is reflected in the fact that Punjabi is now, after English and French, the third language in Parliament of Canada and also the third most spoken language in the country.

In recent times, though, there has been a surge in the number of Indian expats moving back to India from Canada. In fact, this movement of Indian expats back to their motherland is not just restricted to Canada; there has been an exodus of expats moving back to India from the USA, UAE, UK, and many other countries in the world. The primary reasons behind this are the availability of well paying jobs in almost every sector in India, the creation of an investor and entrepreneur friendly environment, and marked improvement in the standard of living in Urban India. The Indian government has laid out the red carpet for entrepreneurs and investors. Red tapism has reduced and business projects are approved quicker than before. There has also been a dedicated effort to bring in more FDI. This has provided a major fillip to various sectors in the Indian economy. Entrepreneurs are enjoying this environment and startups are springing up in every city. This development has led to the creation of new jobs, which in turn, has attracted Indian expats looking for a well paying job back home. All these factors have together ensured that more and more Indian expats as well as Canadian nationals are giving a serious thought about moving to India from Canada.

Even while Indian expats are moving back to India from Canada, there is a significant Indian population that is moving to Canada from India. Canada has always had a stable economy with wonderful employment opportunities. Besides, Canadians are known to be the most polite and peace loving people on Earth. While there have always been reports of racial abuse in the USA, Australia, and many European countries, such incidents rarely ever occur in Canada. It is a very safe country for immigrants. Lastly, more than 1.2 million Indians live in Canada, making the country a home away from home for Indian expats.

Move to India with the best in class removal services in Canada

Removal services, visa and immigration assistance, vehicle shipping, storage facilities, etc. are some of the most important services you’d require for moving to India from Canada. Usually, you’d have to seek out different service providers for each of these services considering that each of these are specialized services and you’d need experienced experts by your side for each one of them. With Writer Relocations, you can obtain each of these services among many others under one roof. Having been in business for 63 years, we have handled more than 5 lakh relocations, including corporate relocations, and have delivered home moving and all its affiliated services at the highest service delivery standards. We believe in being your ‘relocation partners’ and just your packing and moving service providers. And along that line of thought, we offer you expert assistance for the following services and procedures:

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Safe and secure transportation of your belongings

We believe that there is no point in offering a bunch of affiliated services to our clients if we can’t deliver the core service properly. In tandem with this philosophy, we invested time and money to master the art of transporting your belongings in the safest and most efficient way possible. We have devised techniques that help us expedite the packing and moving process while minimising the probability of errors that could potentially cause damage to your belongings. With us by your side, you can rest assured that house shifting to India would be a mishap-free event.

Visa and immigration services

Obtaining a visa or a migration certificate could be a tedious process at times. The documentation process is pretty time consuming and it is very easy to forget attaching a document or two during the process. What you need to ensure this process goes smoothly is expert assistance for all visa and immigration related matters. At Writer Relocations, that is exactly what we provide you with. Whether you are moving to India from Canada or moving from Canada to India, we will provide you with prompt assistance right from the time you decide to make the move till even after you have moved in at your new residence.

Customs clearance

Procuring the concerned customs department’s clearance certificate is a crucial step in any international relocation process. It is imperative that there are no goof ups while dealing with the customs department as even the slightest error could cause a delay in obtaining the certificate. But having successfully conducted more than half a million relocations, our team knows just how to execute this procedure swiftly and seamlessly, which is just what you need from your relocation partner.


Commercial relocations

Writer Relocations does not just specialize in household shifting from Canada to India, we also offer best in class commercial relocation services. Whether it be a thriving business of a Fortune 500 company or a start-up or a factory, we have successfully relocated all types of commercial entities. We understand the complexities of shifting a business to a new country and have devised our processes to deal with them efficiently and effectively. Trust Writer Relocations to move your business to a new country seamlessly.

Consulting and assignment services

When an organization moves its business abroad, its employees move too. For some employees, making the transition could be a tricky proposition. Writer Relocations simplifies the transitional process for them by delivering a host of consulting services. We would help find the perfect property for your employees, orient them with the language and culture of the new place, sort out all their bills and payments, and perform a number of other functions for them. Our services would help your employees feel at home in their new environment.

Other services associated with an international relocation

Merely shipping your goods from one country to another is not what we consider to be ‘international relocation service’. We believe in providing you with due assistance at every stage of the relocation. Therefore, we offer a bouquet of services that are affiliated with a relocation and make the whole process more convenient. We offer professional vehicle shipping services to ferry your vehicles to your destination in minimum time. You can also use our secure storage solutions to hold your goods in storage in a safe environment for any period of time that you may deem suitable. If you are relocating with pets, our experts will ensure that the whole process is as comfortable for them as it is for the rest of your family.

Client Testimonials
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“Writer Relocations' service was exceptional from the beginning. We started communicating for the clearance of goods in Mumbai. very timely communication and showed up right when they said they would, and worked hard, never slowing down. Writer Relocations came on time and did their job. They were fast, friendly, and very careful with our items while unpacking the stuff. I give my thanks to Writer Relocations for their wonderful support and timely operations. Thanks for everything and I wish good luck for Writer Relocations' future...I will definitely use them next time I move. I would rate the overall experience with Writer Relocations as a 4.6 out of 5 based on the service that they have provided to me for clearing the material in India. All in all, a great experience.”

Ramdas Chandani, Moved from USA to Mumbai.

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