Top Highest Paying Job's in UAE

Average Salary: AED 8,000 - AED 10,000 per month Develop and maintain software solutions for various industries.

IT & Software Development


Salary Range: AED 8,000 - AED 12,000 per month Work in fields like civil, mechanical, and electrical engineering.

Salary Range: AED 9,000 - AED 16,000 per month Develop and maintain Manage financial records, audits, and economic strategies.

Finance & Accounting

HR (Human Resources)

Salary Range: AED 5,750 - AED 8,000 per month Oversee recruitment, training, and employee relations.


Salary Range: AED 8,000 - AED 10,000 per month Manage hotels, restaurants, and other service-oriented establishments.

Sales & Marketing

Salary Range: AED 5,000 - AED 8,000 per month Develop strategies to promote and sell products or services.


Salary Range: AED 7,000 - AED 21,000 per month Provide medical services, including doctors and specialists.


Salary Range: AED 5,250 - AED 8,790 per month Educate students in various subjects in schools and universities.


Salary Range: AED 5,500 - AED 7,860 per month Provide patient care in hospitals and clinics.

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