Moving to  Luxembourg

Your Complete Guide

High quality of life, thriving economy, and stunning landscapes

Why Luxembourg?

Visa and Residency

EU citizens can move freely. Non-EU citizens need a visa and residence permit.

Finding Accommodation

Popular areas include Kirchberg, Limpertsberg, and Belair. Use real estate agents and online platforms.

Employment Opportunities

Top sectors: finance, tech, EU institutions. Use LinkedIn and local job sites.

High living standards with higher costs. Plan for housing, food, and transportation expenses.

Cost of Living

Language and Culture

Luxembourgish, French, and German are official languages. Embrace the multicultural environment.

Education and Healthcare

Excellent international schools and top-notch healthcare facilities.

Eco-Friendly Living

Luxembourg is leading in sustainability with green spaces and eco-friendly initiatives.

Ready to Move to Luxembourg?

Follow this guide for a smooth transition. Welcome to your new adventure!