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Relocate to Peru

Key Facts

Official Name: The Republic of Peru

Capital: Lima

Continent: South America

Currency: Sol, US Dollars

Populations: 32551815

Religions followed: Roman Catholicism

Official languages: Spanish

Living in Peru

Peru's fascinating culture dates back to thousands of years. It has been the cultural centre of Latin America.

Being reserved and peaceful, the people of Peru are extremely friendly and welcoming. Getting along with the locals is simpler if you know their local language, Spanish.

Shaking hands or kiss on the cheek is the common way of greeting each other. However, this practice is not common with strangers.

Indigenous Peruvians are quite reserved and shy, so don't feel offended if they are not the first ones to greet you.

Food in Peru goes with Indigenous and Spanish flavours. The food culture in Peru is also influenced by Chinese, European and African populations.

Peruvians commonly use potatoes, corn, legumes, quinoa and a local chilli pepper (uchu). You can get potatoes and corns in every imaginable colour. Fish and shellfish are also popular. Ceviche is the famous dish made up of raw fish marinated in lemon juice.

When in Peru, respect the indigenous people and their traditions. Do not refer to them as indios. Instead, you can call them as indigenas.

Public healthcare facilities are notoriously inadequate. So locals go for private healthcare.

Public hospitals have long waiting times. Even people with minor ailments need to wait for many months for an appointment.

The cities of Lima and Cusco have well established private healthcare facilities. These facilities are better staffed and equipped. Which is why, expats prefer private healthcare facilities, too.

Doctors at private sector expect cash payment upfront.

Politics in Peru

The politics in Peru has the framework of a unitary semi-presidential democratic republic. In this system, the president works alongside the prime minister and a cabinet.

The president of Peru is both head of state and head of government.

Citizens of Peru directly vote for the President in elections that are held every five years. In Peru, it is compulsory to vote. Those who fail to vote are fined.

Economy of Peru

Peru has one of the fastest growing economies. Its poverty rates are sharply reduced by strong growth in employment. According to the world-bank, Peru is an upper middle-income country. As per GDP, it is 39th in the world.

The plenty of natural resources in the Andes has encouraged mining. The agricultural sector in Peru has flourished due to the varied climate here. Fishing is also a major profession here and contributes to the economy greatly.

These geographical conditions have encouraged the valuable exports of gold, fishmeal and copper. All this comprise two-fifths of total exports.

Buying and renting property in Peru

In Peru properties are available at affordable rates. However, the price for accommodation is directly proportioned to the area you are looking to buy or rent a house in. The costs are on the higher end in cities than in rural areas.

Expats prefer apartments. Houses are also available for those who are ready to pay for it.

The available apartments are furnished, semi-furnished and unfurnished. Furnished apartments will have basic furniture and appliances. Unfurnished doesn't have even light fitting.

The local newspaper is the best means to find accommodation. You can also find your residence through online property portals. Real estate agents can also help you find a suitable house.

Most of the landlords do not speak English, so go with a trusted associate.

You have to pay 3 months’ rent in advance. Cash is the preferable option for rent. Utilities like water and electricity are exclusive of rent.

Your rental agreement should be properly documented in the paper. This is a must to avoid any future problems.

Schools in Peru

Public Schooling is free to all Peruvians from the age group of 6 to 16. The instruction in public schools is in Spanish. In rural areas, some public schools have instruction in the local language, Quechua.

The education system of Peru has three levels - primary, secondary, technical/vocational level.

In private schools, the language of instruction is in Spanish.

In many schools, instructions are in both English and Spanish. This is mainly for the expats living in Peru

Private schools are quite expensive.

International schools offer various curricula which include Peruvian curriculum and the International Baccalaureate. Most of the international schools are in the city, Lima.

Admission need of every school is different. Therefore, it would be best to contact individual schools for further information.

Weather in Peru

The country has different climate across different regions. This is because of the varied terrain which includes mountains, deserts and rainforest. It has an extreme altitude change. This means if at one part of the country it is freezing cold than on other it is hot and sunny.

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