ClickCease/Complete Relocation Strategy: Key Steps To Take While Moving to a New Place

Complete Relocation Checklist. Key Steps To Take While Moving to a New Place

Relocation across international borders often feels like a task that demands an insurmountable number of hassles. However, an understanding of the crucial stages of the move process can help to a great extent. Let’s find out the stages involved in relocation on a global scale.

1. Create a list of reliable international moving companies:

Online research will help you to find out the name of relocation companies who conduct international moves. You can go through the reviews of the customers to find out how their ordeal had been while dealing with these companies.

Word of mouth also plays a very important role when it comes to finalising on the right moving company for yourself or for the assignees in the company where you work.

It is recommended to trust an international moving company that is FIDI accredited and holds the FIDI’s FAIM certification.

2. Seek a quote from the companies you have shortlisted:

Once you’ve shortlisted the moving companies, you would want to have a word with them and find out what they deliver, their expertise and more such details. And most importantly you need to find out the quote that each of them is offering. This will help you to make a concrete decision about your moving partner.

3. Arrange for an international move document:

When it comes to international moves, it is essential for you to complete the key documents, when it comes to transferring items across customs borders. You need to fill out customs documents, submit your passport copy and residence visa/work permit. You are advised to take up an insurance policy, regardless of the distance of your move, and for that you will have to complete a detailed inventory list, showing the value of your items.

You need to find out from your moving company consultant, all about the specific documents that may be required.

4. Get ready for the packing day:

Get ready for the packing day, when you can rearrange the things that need to be carefully packaged and notify the crew about the various specifications regarding the same. Make sure that you can provide all the details and documents for the shipment as well as the customs clearance. Always ensure that the professionals get to pack your goods at your home only.

It is the primary responsibility of the moving company to make sure the work gets done seamlessly, but it’s better to be around when the work is being executed. 

5. Clearance of the customs rules:

Your moving company provided it is trustworthy and the most suitable one, will manage the customs clearance process and update you about the same when it’s done. Once the arrival date of your shipment has been finalised, you can begin planning the delivery of the goods at your residence. In case the shipment arrives before you, there is the option of storage. That’s why it’s better to speak with your consultant beforehand to arrange for it.

6. Delivery of your goods in your new place:

Well, the things that unfold on a delivery day is mostly similar to how things shape up during a moving day, however, the difference is that it all unfolds in reverse. Once your goods are delivered, the unpacking begins and placing of things as and when you would like them.

So, all the very best with the relocation process. It might be a taxing one but once it’s over, it helps you to start your life all over again in a different place with the newer experiences. When we, Writer Relocations, is there as your relocation partners, you need not worry about the stress of the process at all. Our experience and expertise equip us to handle all your relocation needs effortlessly.

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